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  ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   Aargghhh!!! Deadlines Approach!!
Date:   2003-01-31 01:10:07
From:   anonymous2
This was a long winded message, but I hacked it to the essentials:

A.) Where is the equivalent of the "wwwroot" directory?

B.) How do I set up my site (i.e. where do I put it???) Links throughout my site point to "/" as the site root - they're all broken now.

C.) I've noticed that if I put in the path myself, the .cfm pages which have yet to be coded (at this point they're stand in pages with no cfml - just html), show up as a huge string of gobble-dee-gook.

Thanks for your mentorship Dick!!

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  • Aargghhh!!! Deadlines Approach!!
    2003-01-31 09:12:30  brianimator [View]

    (had to register, so I'm no longer anonymous)

    What I mean -
    The address bar clued me into where Jrun looks to get to the CF Admin - I put my web directory in the same place.

    My home page worked, but none of the links did, as they are site, not document specific. In order to get to a page, I had to manually type in the address bar to get where I wanted to. .Cfm pages with actual dynamic content ran fine, while place holder .cfm pages (just html with a few static images) gave me a string of text accross the screen (not the usual ColdFusion debug screen)

    This will all be a bad memory hopefully. I'll use your suggestion in your reply, and if that doesn't work, I'll point JRun to Apache. (I'd use the ~/Sites directory - would that work?)

    Thanks a Ton!!!
    • Aargghhh!!! Deadlines Approach!!
      2003-01-31 10:23:19  dicklacara [View]

      OK, Since you didn't give me a path, I will assume the following:
      --------CFIDE.............(for RDS deployment)
      --------cfusion...........(equivalent of wwwroot)
      ----------CFIDE...........(holds the Administrator)
      ----------index.cfm.......(RDS Redirector)
      ----------index.htm.......(RDS Redirector)
      ----------index.html......(RDS Redirector)
      ----------YourCFMXapps1...(Your App 1)
      ----------YourCFMXapps2...(Your App 2)
      ----------YourCFMXapps3...(Your App 3)
      Put your CF apps in YourCFMXAppsn. Do not put anything under either CFIDE directory (you will be running under that directory's Application.cfm)

      Do not try to point JRun to Apache at this time -- that will further complicate the issue.

      I would experiment with the GetBaseTemplatePath() function to validate that templates are stored where you think they should be.


  • Aargghhh!!! Deadlines Approach!!
    2003-01-31 04:29:31  dicklacara [View]

    A. Where is the equivalent of the "wwwroot" directory?

    The equivalent of wwwroot is:


    and the URL is:

    On my system I used the following:
      JRun_Root............./Applications/JRun4/ (default)
    CFMX_Context_Root.....cfusion (default)
    I created a JRun_Server_Instance named cfmx1, and used the default CFMX-Context_Root so the path is:
    and the URL is
    If you used the default server instance, the path would be:
    and the URL would be:
    This may seem to be a lot of work, but it gives us flexibility -- we can setup multiple JRun_Server_Instances and/or multiple CFMX_Contexts. We will use this flexibility in later articles.

    B. How do I set up my site (i.e. where do I put it???)

    The outermost level where you can execute CF Templates is the CFMX-Context_Root.

    If you have RDS installed, there will be three extra files installed at this level:
    These comprise the RDS Redirector -- they will redirect the URL to the Administrator -- CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm

    To avoid any conflict, you should not store any of your application files in the CFMX-Context_Root, itself -- rather they should be deployed in a directory under the CFMX-Context_Root.

    For example, with an application directory named mycfmxapps the path would be:


    and the URL would be:

    C. I don't understand the question -- examples please!