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  Opening Microsoft File Formats to Java
Subject:   porting proprietary formats supports proprietary formats
Date:   2003-01-25 17:08:37
From:   anonymous2
The last poster whines about clients owning Office. Thats why its our job to educate them. Tell them "I understand you own serveral licenses of Office, to support the kind of software you want us to write we need to upgrade it to OpenOffice. The best thing is that it won't cost you anything." By doing this you move your client to a better piece of software that frees them from paying for license upgrades every 2 years. Next, you do your part to end these formats. See this: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/no-word-attachments.html for more information on how you can help. Write the authors of this article and of the POI library and explain to them how misguided they are.
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  • porting proprietary formats supports proprietary formats
    2003-04-22 04:30:34  anonymous2 [View]

    Programmers should NOT try to evangalise their clients into using something they feel is pure.
    They should take the specs and write the code.

    If there is a technical reason why that code can't be created, THEN you may go to the client and tell him so, but never because you're too lazy or you think you're too good to do it.

    If you're going to tell a multinational they need to change their entire IT infrastructure just because you feel deep inside that Microsoft is evil you'll be fired from the job there and then and rightly so.

    MS Office is the de-facto standard in office application fileformats out there, so you'd better live with it.
    Even IF you get your employer to move to another office package, a major requirement of that package will be support for MS Office files because they will get those files from outside sources all the time and will need to read them (and write them, as they can't expect their contacts to have some obscure package that you're using because it's properly anti-Microsoft).
  • porting proprietary formats supports proprietary formats
    2003-01-26 02:26:32  anonymous2 [View]

    OpenOffice is better than MS Office? ROLF, what are yuo smoking?