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  Introduction to Socket Programming with PHP
Subject:   Re: unable to run this script
Date:   2003-01-25 10:05:42
From:   dsolin
Hi there,

Could you please specify exactly what problem you have? If we could see the error messages you get, it would be much easier to help out.

If you needed general information about running PHP scripts, see this URL:


All best,

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  • Re: unable to run this script
    2003-01-29 22:53:09  manjay_dwivedi [View]

    Hi Daniel

    See i'm able to run this script through telnet
    using command php sock.php
    but how i run this script through browser.


  • Re: unable to run this script
    2003-01-26 22:20:59  manjay_dwivedi [View]

    see how i'm trying to run this script

    i put this script in my /var/www/html/sock/

    when i trying to run this through command line

    it's shwing me error --no such directory or file found
    but the file is exist in that directory
    i'm using PHP ver-4.0 and Apachi server on linux .
    could u plz tell wat the exact way .