ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   problem cf debugging
Date:   2003-01-21 11:38:54
From:   anonymous2
Response to: problem cf debugging

well ok the owner permissions are all now for my user. and I have stopped using sudo. boots up fine with no errors.

About the non-standard install DIR; this problem was happening when i had installed to the deault DIR also.

In the cf admin I have the debugging turned on in classic mode with the deault settings.

The DB that I am using is Frontbase 3.5d. Accessing that DB through JDBC is working fine. This resides on my computer. during my trouble shooting I have removed FB's jar and I still get the DB error that I had shown above.

The error that I have above is happening in the debugging information at the bottom of the page (essentionally the classic.cfm debugging page).

the reason that this is making me taer my hair out is that, at first it worked.

If I find out what the fix is I will post it here too.


Ian Sheridan

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  • problem cf debugging
    2003-01-21 12:27:20  dicklacara [View]

    Was FB's JDBC Driver jar in /Library/Java/Extensions/

    I haven't played with FB and CFMX on the released version (just the port). It has been a while, but I remember having some problems with FB.

    It could be, that you have done something to your particular database, that is causing the errors -- FB could have detected an error in the db and is restricting your access. (I have seen this happen on several different RDBMSs, if they are not shut down properly).

    Can you start with a clean copy of the FB database?

    Can you run the query through ViennaSQL or the SQL GUI that comes with FB?

    Can you approximate the db on another RDBMS (the built-in PointBase allows uo to 500 records in a db)?

    You didn't include the contents of the query in the error message -- Is CF choking on the query or FB?

    If it is CF, could you create the query string as a variable, display it, then include it between the cfquery tags? It would be nice to see the query.

    Whenyou do resololve it, please post the solution.


    • problem cf debugging
      2003-01-21 12:58:17  anonymous2 [View]


      I am accessing the FB DB with no problems at all. And I access the FB DB through SQL4X Manager J just fine.

      The query error is happening not in my cfm page but the CFMX debugging cfm page and if I turn off debugging I get no errors at all.


      PS - if you want to look at the query you have a copy already on your machine in the /[jrun root]/servers/[server name]/cfusion/WEB-INF/debug/classic.cfm file on line 214. here is a copy if you'd like to see.

      <cfquery dbType="query" name="cfdebug_execution" debug="false">
      SELECT (endTime - startTime) AS executionTime
      FROM qEvents
      WHERE type = 'ExecutionTime'