PHP 4.3 and Mac OS X
Subject:   Configuring with PHP 4.3's bundled libgd
Date:   2003-01-17 08:24:44
From:   trachtenberga
Response to: Configuring with PHP 4.3's bundled libgd

From ./configure --help:

--with-gd[=DIR] Include GD support where DIR is GD install prefix.

If DIR is not set, the bundled GD library will be used.

So, it's --with-gd. That said, I don't believe PHP 4.3 works correctly on MacOS X with the bundled GD lib. This change landed very late in the release process and I don't think all the MacOS-specific fixes were made.

Try it and let me know. If it works, great! If it doesn't, don't be surprised. I'll continue to fiddle with this and let you know when I get this working.

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  • Configuring with PHP 4.3's bundled libgd
    2003-01-18 04:33:45  pierre_ [View]


    I do not meet any problem on MacOS X. But if you got any problem to compile php with the bundled lib, feel free to post a bugreport on, we will fix asap.


    • Adam Trachtenberg photo Configuring with PHP 4.3's bundled libgd
      2003-01-20 13:33:37  Adam Trachtenberg | O'Reilly Author [View]

      You're right. I got PHP to compile with the bundled version of GD.

      In addition to --with-gd, I needed to pass --with-png-dir=/sw because my libgd.a was in /sw/lib instead of /usr/lib.

      • Configuring with PHP 4.3's bundled libgd
        2003-02-28 18:45:24  tychay [View]

        don't you mean libpng.a? ;-)

        The issue is that gd requires either libtiff or libpng (I think) to be available somewhere in your ld library path. Since neither is included by default in the Mac OS, the ./configure will fail with a very unhelpful error.

        Take care,

        terry chay
        tychay at php dot net