Introduction to Text Indexing with Apache Jakarta Lucene
Subject:   performance
Date:   2003-01-16 13:36:25
From:   drunk_injun
Response to: performance

Caveat to last message - the response time of 80ms includes our own modifications to lucene to enable additional sorting and filtering parameters. Raw query times generally average < 25ms.
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  • performance
    2003-01-17 05:02:57  anonymous2 [View]

    sounds promising...Im currently struggling trying to integrate Alta Vista on a customers project. AV has very bad documentation and is written in c, making interop pretty difficult..I will see if i can get the time to try out Lucene in this setting...

    thanks for your reply..
  • performance
    2003-01-21 00:35:06  brwnx [View]

    thanks for your reply. Im currently struggling on implementing alta vista on a customer project. It being written in C and with a lousy java api makes interop very difficult. I will see if i cn get the time to test out lucene instead..