ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Pointbase? And MySQL?
Date:   2003-01-15 08:56:37
From:   lolajl
Response to: Pointbase? And MySQL?

Thanks! Followed the steps accordingly, there seems to be a problem in my ability to connect to the database, though. The problem line seems to be the JDBC URL. I doublechedked to make sure the path was correct. When I clicked on Connect, I got a java.sql.SQL.exception error: database does not exist. It seems to think that the database is somewhere else other than this directory. Checked db directory and cfsnippets does reside here as cfsnippts.dbn.
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  • Pointbase? And MySQL?
    2003-01-15 12:06:50  dicklacara [View]

    Can you verify the cfsnippets database in the CFMX Administrator?

    If so, you should be able to copy the driver class and URL files from that definition to the corresponding fields in the SQL4X connection.

    • Pointbase? And MySQL?
      2003-01-15 12:51:08  lolajl [View]

      Not sure what I'd done wrong before, but copying/pasting the paths worked like a charm. Thanks! I'm starting up a blog that will be devoted solely to Macs and CFMX, located at <>. It's up now but nothing much in there yet.