ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Pointbase? And MySQL?
Date:   2003-01-14 09:26:05
From:   lolajl
How do I open the Pointbase databases that were apparently installed by this package? And how do I get MySQL to work with CFMX? I bought SQL4X Manager J, but I can't seem to open Pointbase databases (even though the product is supposedly compatible with java databases, far as I can tell). I my be missng something obvious, so any insights you guys have are welcome . . .

My database experience so far has been with MS SQL Server, so I'm new to PointBase and MySQL.

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  • Pointbase? And MySQL?
    2003-01-14 10:13:20  dicklacara [View]

    The path to the PointBase JDBC driver is:


    The Driver Class for the PointBase databases is:


    The URLs for the PointBase databases can be found by examining theDatasources defined in the CFMX Administrator. For Example, examining the ExampleApps Datasource, will show the following JDBC URL:


    Finally, the Username and Password are both:


    I am unfamiliar with SQL4X, but the above information should allow you to access the PointBase databases (CFMX must be running).

    To install MySQL, I used the procedure found at Apple:

    • Pointbase? And MySQL?
      2003-01-15 03:07:07  lolajl [View]

      Thanks . . . I still haven't been able to get the Pointbase driver installed in SQL4X (need to figure which goes into what field, etc), but I was able to get the MS SQL driver installed (thus bringing me one more step to being able to work at home - waiting for PGP's VPN client).

      Yeah, I know about the instructions from Apple but these are a bit esoteric and I think there are some steps that were left out, and I think I have MySQL installed somehow but can't figure how to access it. I've heard that there's work on a GUI installer for MySQL, and I may wait for this.
      • Pointbase? And MySQL?
        2003-01-15 06:45:51  dicklacara [View]

        I was able to connect to the MySQL & PB databases with SQL4X Manager J.

        I gave you some wrong information in my previous post, the following is correct.

        1. Make a copy of the PointBase driver file and put it where SQLEX Manajer J can find it. Copy pbserver42RE.jar from:



        2. Restart SQL4X Manager J, so it can locate the copied driver

        3. Setup a connection:

          Database Server: Generic JDBC
          Driver Installed: Yes

          The following can be copied from the cfsnippets DSN in the CFMX Administrator

          Display Name: cfsnippets

          JDBC Driver: com.pointbase.jdbc.jdbcUniversalDriver

          JDBC URL: jdbc:pointbase:cfsnippets,database.home=/Applications/JRun4/servers/cfmx1/cfusion/WEB-INF/cfusion/db

          USER: PBPUBLIC


        4. Connect to the cfsnippets Database
        5. Open a new Navigator window to recognize the new connection
        6. Select the PBPUBLIC schema to view the cfsnippets schema

  • Pointbase? And MySQL?
    2003-01-15 08:56:37  lolajl [View]

    Thanks! Followed the steps accordingly, there seems to be a problem in my ability to connect to the database, though. The problem line seems to be the JDBC URL. I doublechedked to make sure the path was correct. When I clicked on Connect, I got a java.sql.SQL.exception error: database does not exist. It seems to think that the database is somewhere else other than this directory. Checked db directory and cfsnippets does reside here as cfsnippts.dbn.
    • Pointbase? And MySQL?
      2003-01-15 12:06:50  dicklacara [View]

      Can you verify the cfsnippets database in the CFMX Administrator?

      If so, you should be able to copy the driver class and URL files from that definition to the corresponding fields in the SQL4X connection.

      • Pointbase? And MySQL?
        2003-01-15 12:51:08  lolajl [View]

        Not sure what I'd done wrong before, but copying/pasting the paths worked like a charm. Thanks! I'm starting up a blog that will be devoted solely to Macs and CFMX, located at <>. It's up now but nothing much in there yet.