ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Apache, JRun and CFMX for j2ee
Date:   2003-01-09 11:39:41
From:   anonymous2

You mentioned that you can merge apache and jrun so to that you do not have to call a port number.

Can you give me a gentle push in the right direction on how to do this?


So it is my understand that the cfmx for j2ee is much faster than the standalone version we ported with you? Do either one take advantage of a dual processor mac?

Only thing left now is the flash com server.....=)

I can feel a clean break from the pee-cee by the end of the least for my private goofing around.

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  • Apache, JRun and CFMX for j2ee
    2003-01-09 15:06:02  dicklacara [View]

    To connect Apache:

    1) get a CFMX server deployed and running.

    2) From a terminal window:

    su root
    password, when prompted

    Then wait a few moments for the GUI to start

    It will default to localhost.

    select the (running) cfmx server.

    the path to the Apache configuration file should be:


    Click OK!

    Then you access the cfmx server with:

    Yes CFMXJ2EE is faster than standalone & should take advantage of 2,4,8,whatever CPUs you can get on the Mac.

    There is a new Performance Report at:

    Flash Com Server is not written in Java -- so it may be a while!


  • Apache, JRun and CFMX for j2ee
    2003-01-09 15:02:44  dicklacara [View]

    See other post!