ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Help with Macromedia's Instructions (#2)
Date:   2003-01-09 09:52:57
From:   dicklacara
Response to: Help with Macromedia's Instructions (#2)

You can leave off the Java_Home/ part of the command -- OS X sets the correct path as a default.

You can also skip step #9 (Install under JRun) or step #10 (Install under Tomcat).

You can manually deploy the war files under Tomcat (similar to JRun), or automatically deploy per the instructions, if Tomcat is set to auto-deploy war files.


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  • Help with Macromedia's Instructions (#2)
    2003-01-09 10:19:46  lolajl [View]

    Thanks! It also became clear to me that I'd need to be actually in the directory where I'd placed the file.