Synchronizing Networks with NTP
Subject:   here is ntpd port for NT4/W2K
Date:   2003-01-07 07:26:11
From:   anonymous2
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  • here is ntpd port for NT4/W2K
    2005-05-02 04:40:12  HeikoFromMeinberg [View]

    A Windows port of the original NTP implementation from can be downloaded from Meinberg Radio Clocks. Please go to our NTP Download Page and get the latest version, which comes with a nice installer and helps you to create your first NTP configuration file.

    If you want to build your own stratum 1 time server, you can choose a Meinberg reference clock or a complete Time Server which includes a reference clock (e.g. a GPS receiver) and a Linux based server and runs out of the box.