Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl and mod_ssl
Subject:   configure???
Date:   2003-01-03 11:18:19
From:   joeateb
Response to: configure???

<blockquote>What do you mean by "a subdirectory?" If you put documents into a subdirectory of your document root (which by default should be /usr/local/apache/htdocs), it should work provided that the permissions on the directory and its contents are such that the user "nobody" can read them.</blockquote>
Actually I went into the Apache config file and changed where it serves from to the directory that was used for the original server /Library/WebServer/Documents because I had already set up a site there. And actually after doing a little more with the config file, I think I cured the problem.

Really? Are you in the Apache source code directory? The configure script should just be there and work. If somehow its executable bit was unset, you could try sh configure ..., instead.
I'll give this a shot this weekend if I get a chance.

Thanks for your response.


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  • configure???
    2003-01-07 06:08:30  joeateb [View]

    Over the last weekend I went back and redid the whole thing and everything appeared to work as far as the builds were concerned. I went to Verisign and got a 14 day trial certificate and when I did the "Make Certificate" command it said I was successful and when I ran the make and install commands for the server the new httpd.conf file appears to have the certificate information integrated into it. I can get it to start in ssl but when I try to use https:// I get an encryption failure message.

    The config file points to a "server.crt" file and a "server.key" which are not the original names I used in the "make certificate" process. In an attempt to get it to work I moved the original .crt and .key files to the directories and changed the config file to point to them instead but that lead to the same encryption failure message.

    2 steps forward, 1 step back.
    suggestions please.