VPN on Mac OS X
Subject:   Firewall Issues
Date:   2002-12-30 15:00:32
From:   thdomo
As a relative novice, I'm wondering if anyone has had experience using VPN to connect from behind a Sustainable Networks' IPNetRouter?

I have the latest version of it running under OS 9 on an old PPC mac. The network guy at my office said that the NAT function on my router does not remove all the IP info from packets coming from my host machine. That once the packets reach my company's network, it can see the the private IP number of my host and not the public IP of my router.

He said that the only way I could overcome this was to have my cable modem hooked directly to my host. And I don't want to do that cause then I won't have a LAN at home.

Any ideas or is there a trouble shooting article somewhere? I didn't see one on Apple's site.

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  • Firewall Issues
    2003-05-26 20:18:11  anonymous2 [View]

    Sounds like IPNetRouter isn't doing NAT right. You should really be using something more modern than an OS 9 box for your router anyway. Options: (1) Figure out whats wrong with your obsolute router software, (2) install a newer *nix box (os x, linux, or something) and have it route for you instead, (3) spend $100 and buy a linksys router. Option #3 is defnitely the easiest way to go, though also the least sexy.
    • Firewall Issues
      2003-09-08 23:26:37  anonymous2 [View]

      For PPTP to work across a NAT firewall, that NAT firewall needs special code to handle PPTP specifically. An older, simple NAT firewall won't work properly.

      It's not a matter of not doing NAT right; it's a matter of trying to do NAT to PPTP when it shouldn't.