ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Server running, but not recognizing new directory
Date:   2002-12-30 12:14:13
From:   swankboy
Response to: Everything was good until gnutar

That was me in the previous post. Despite the Terminal error code the server is installed and running. Problem is the new directory I created under wwwroot isn't showing up even after restarting the server. All the other included .cfm documentation shows up fine. It's just not recognizing the new directory I've created. Any help on this?
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  • Server running, but not recognizing new directory
    2002-12-31 06:36:43  dicklacara [View]

    Gnutar always gives those messages, so there was nothing you did wrong -- the install was OK.

    In a Terminal window, navigate to wwwroot:

    cd /opt/coldfusionmx/wwwroot

    Then list the contents of wwwroot:

    ls -l

    You should see a listing similar to the one below (the directory I created is mycfmxapps:
    drwxrwxrwx   10 cfmx  wheel   340 Dec 12 10:05 CFIDE
    drwxrw-rw- 21 cfmx wheel 714 Dec 2 04:34 WEB-INF
    drwxrwxrwx 25 cfmx wheel 850 Jul 22 11:13 cfdocs
    drwxrwxrwx 127 cfmx wheel 4318 Dec 6 06:19 mycfmxapps
    If you created your directory properly, you should see it listed with the proper permissions in the first column: d indicates a directory. Followed by three sets of permissions, rwx (read, write, execute) for the Owner, Group and All Users.

    If this looks OK, with your browser navigate to:

    You should see a list similar to:
    Index of /
    .DS_Store 6148 12/14/02 12:00 PM
    CFIDE/ dir 12/12/02 10:05 AM
    cfdocs/ dir 07/22/02 11:13 AM
    mycfmxapps/ dir 12/06/02 06:19 AM
    And, you should be able to see your the contents of your directory by navigating the browser to:


    • Server running, but not recognizing new directory
      2002-12-31 15:38:56  swankboy [View]

      I'm noticing two differences:

      One, when I go to list the directory in terminal this is what I get:

      drwxr-xr-x 10 swankboy bin 340 Dec 29 17:18 CFIDE
      drwx------ 19 swankboy bin 646 Dec 30 03:47 WEB-INF
      drwxr-xr-x 25 swankboy bin 850 Dec 29 19:24 cfdocs

      ...even though I have a mysfmxapps folder in the Finder window in the wwwroot directory. Also I notice that the permissions are considerably different than what you listed.

      When I go to the address in my browser I see:

      Index of /

      CFIDE/ dir 12/29/02 05:18 PM
      cfdocs/ dir 12/29/02 07:24 PM

      No .DS_Store file or mycfmxapps/ folder displaying...

      Currently I'm installing cfmx under Linux 7.2 to redo everything (I got the iso's off the redhat site). I figured I'd do it this time _exactly_ as you described. Thanks for the great directions, I'll really be happy when this is functioning perfectly.

      I run Apache server on my OS X machine, is there a reason you didn't install under Apache? I'm just curious. I doubt it will work as per your instructions to do so, so I did it to install it's own standalone as you instructed. Thanks again.



      Okay, I just got done installing CFMX in Linux 7.2 and moving the cfmxinst.bin file over to OS X. When I run gnutar now it doesn't even expand at all. The files all scroll and it looks like it's doing something, but the files are nowhere to be found. I once manually expanded the .bin file using Aladdin Expander and moved it to my home directory, but when I created the coldfusionosx file with bbedit and saved it I couldn't see this file in terminal. i don't know what is going on. I ran Norton's and Disk Utility to make sure nothing is wrong with my disk, but everything appears fine. Help is much appreciated.
      • Server running, but not recognizing new directory
        2003-01-01 06:50:28  dicklacara [View]

        Ahh, you must be using Jaguar.

        This was reported in a prior post & a resolution was also posted.

        If you followed instructions, the cfmxinst.bin file does get expanded into the /opt directory/

        For some reason, Jaguar wants /opt to be invisible.

        Here's how to make it visible (from the previous post).

        Upgrading to Jaguar causes the /opt folder to be invisible to the Finder -- It is still intact, you just can't see it from the desktop.

        To make it visible again, do the following:

        Open a Terminal window.

        Assume the root ID by entering:

        su root

        Enter your (Mac OS X) Administrative password when asked

        Change to the root file level:

        cd /

        Edit the .hidden file with pico by entering (note the dot before the file name):

        pico .hidden

        with the arrows, navigate down and delete the line containing:


        save the updated file by entering:


        followed by:


        Exit pico by entering:


        Reassume the cfmx user ID by entering:

        su cfmx

        From the Apple menu select Force Quit... (or press Command+Option+Escape).

        Select the Finder and click Relaunch

        When the finder is relaunched, you should see the opt folder on Macintosh HD, just as it was before installing Jaguar.