Dial-Up Revelations
Subject:   Bullshit
Date:   2002-12-26 04:17:00
From:   anonymous2
Dear Miss Meg,

i live in Paris and most of what you said about
Paris bandwidth and people is almost wrong. I think you didn't prepare
well your stay in Paris... You can now have a DSL connection for 30 Euros/month. I admit that it's not
worth it to buy a DSL connection for just one month
but i am sure it's pretty the same in wonderful US lands. And let me tell you something,
i spent a month in NYC and i can tell you that people are more aggressive and "pushy" than here.
But i admit NYC is not US. And maybe if you had this feeling about people here it's because you don't speak french very well. It's like in every big city, people don't waste time trying to understand what you say...

The only thing i agree is the weather in Paris:
it's rainy and cold, you should have come in August it's warm and all Parisians are gone.

I guess you just had this romantic vision of Paris. Paris is a great city with a lot of things to do and see but it's also a big city with all the negative aspects....
I think you should travel more often and you'll
see that life is not like what they show you on TV, you know they have computers and electricity
in Afghanistan too.

A very upset french guy...

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  • Bullshit
    2003-01-02 14:57:32  megnut [View]

    Woah, I'm not sure what you're so upset about, perhaps you misunderstood my article. Or perhaps I wasn't very clear. I loved Paris and I had a wonderful time while I was there. The rain and waiter comments were not intended to be serious slights against one of my favorite cities in the world. If anything the article was supposed to be about my realization about how limited my viewpoint was regarding web design and internet connections, and how being abroad had changed it. Nothing more. I'm sorry it upset you so.
    • Bullshit
      2003-05-07 08:25:36  anonymous2 [View]

      I live in Paris too and your article didn't upset me. Actually, I thought it was pretty spot on.
      I will soon be getting DSL (yipeee!) but I suspect that in the long term this may have an adverse affect on my web design. At the moment I assume all my visitors are accessing through painfully slow modem connections.