Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl
Subject:   Controlling the Firewall
Date:   2002-12-08 05:09:34
From:   anonymous2
How do you control the firewall access when you've compiled your own version of Apache? I had previously successfully built Apache and then added a startup item using this article. Then to allow access to the web server through the firewall, I would turn personal web sharing on in system prefences and, consequently, the linked firewall access to only allow access to the http ports. The system hangs up trying to start the default apache, as it should, but then seems to stop trying to start apache and shuts down the firewall access after a given period of time. I'm using 10.2.2. What else can I do to allow firewall access to only http ports?
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  • David Wheeler photo Re: Controlling the Firewall
    2002-12-11 16:10:22  David Wheeler | O'Reilly Author [View]

    I personally don't allow access to port 80 on my Mac, because I only use it for personal development. However, looking at the Firewall settings, it looks as though they're specifically geared for Apple's build of Apache. While there may well be a way to change some configuration file to get Apple's firewall to allow access to your custom build of Apache on port 80, if you're really serious about needing firewalling, you're better off using an external device to act as the firewall, rather than rely on Apple's software filewall.

    Such is what I've done for my production server. I have a LinkSys router that allows me to set which computer inside the firewall responds to external requests on port 80. With such a device you'd be able to set it to forward port 80 requests to your Mac with its ccustom build of Apache, while not worrying about the Apple firewall software's special cases.