PHP with Apple's Developer Tools
Subject:   PB is NOT ideal for PHP work
Date:   2002-12-03 00:21:58
From:   gaspode
Response to: PB is NOT ideal for PHP work

Yes, you are right. Sometimes I wonder if O'Reilly got paid from Apple to advertize OS X (Just look at the poor Learning Cocoa-book... This article...).

I *wish* I could use PB for HTML, PHP, TeX - but you can't if you are doing serious work.

If you want a good PHP enviroment try jEdit (4.1pre6 at - it's free.

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  • PB is NOT ideal for PHP work
    2002-12-07 19:42:08  NickLo [View]

    It is hard not to feel a little cynical when this article has already appeared on Apple's website a while ago and here it is again with nothing new! Plus there seems very little to support it...

    jEdit is a good choice...I'm using it...just wish it was faster.

    • PB is NOT ideal for PHP work
      2003-05-08 07:43:34  anonymous2 [View]

      I use BBEdit, good colorings, cvs support, etc... and 7.0 version supports xhtml coloring.
      Would be nice that BBedit's "cvs diff" command was through Apple's FileMerge (the one used by PB); it's great.