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  Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl
Subject:   Connection refused(newbie needs help)
Date:   2002-11-29 22:26:35
From:   dfoley1
I followed all the steps(including the bit about apreq in the earlier post), and everything seemed to build fine. Apache starts ok and if I run top I can see it's running.

But when I point my browser at localhost or, I get a "Connection refused..." message. Any hints as to where to look for problems?

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  • Connection refused(newbie needs help)
    2002-12-06 16:17:39  mr_chuckle [View]

    For some reason the default http.conf is set to listen on port 8080 so try

    If you change the config to use port 80 you'll have to start apache as root. But be careful as this will conflict with the default Mac OS X apache install.

    Good luck.
    • Thanks !
      2002-12-07 00:50:04  dfoley1 [View]

      That's exactly what I needed. Guess it's time I finally dove into the config files. I must say that FileMerge (comes with the Dev Tools) makes it easy to look at the two config files side by side and see the differences.

      Thanks again!