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  PHP with Apple's Developer Tools
Subject:   Using 'open'
Date:   2002-11-29 09:21:56
From:   anonymous2
The /usr/bin/open command defaults to using either a Finder creator or the file's extension (if the Creator isn't set in the desktop database) to decide which application to invoke. This can be a pain for files with extensions other than those that are in Project Builder's plist.

Fortunately, open has a -a switch that allows you to specify the application. For example:

open -a /Developer/Applications/Project\ Builder.app somefile.php

will open somefile.php in Project Builder. I do this so often that I have an alias in my .rc file:

alias openpb 'open -a /Developer/Applications/Project\ Builder.app'

One can use a similar trick for opening files in BBEdit (yes, I have an 'openbb' alias as well) or just about any other editor you want to use (so long as the editor responds to the Open AppleEvent).

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  • Using 'open'
    2002-12-04 07:20:58  charlesa1 [View]

    With open(1), you don't need the full path to your application, so...

    open -a Project\ Builder

    .. will work just fine.

    And with BBEdit, you don't need to define an alias, just install and use the bbedit(1) command-line tool provided by Bare Bones. It includes a number of helpful switches for doing things like creating or printing a file, leaving BBEdit in the background or waiting until BBEdit is done with the file (so you can almost use it as an $EDITOR replacement).