The SSH Cryptosystem
Subject:   Pass phrase prompt at each login
Date:   2002-11-15 13:27:20
From:   anonymous2
i followed the instructions in this article and although the public/private key pair seem to be working fine i am prompted to enter my passphrase each time i log into the remote system! from a security standpoint this is great but i was hopeing using rsa keys would provide more convenience by removing the login prompt... of course since my passphrase is longer than a typical password, the result is worse then what i started with!

any suggestions?


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  • Pass phrase prompt at each login
    2002-11-18 20:40:17  rktrujillo [View]

    It isn't specified in the article.
    When generating the key just hit enter when it asks for a paraphrase. Then after you copy the key over you can ssh in without a password or paraphrase.
  • Pass phrase prompt at each login
    2002-11-18 21:12:01  rktrujillo [View]

    The first post from anonymous cites as article that gives a more secure alternative using ssh-agent.
  • Pass phrase prompt at each login
    2003-05-27 14:48:14  anonymous2 [View]

    That is probably because you used a passphrase when generating your key.
    The purpose of the passphrase is so that if someone were to steal your identity key (by booting up on a recovery floppy e.g., and snagging your key) it wouldn't be of any use to them if they didnt know your passphrase too. This is what they call 2 tier authentication, both a key and a passphrase are required ...

    If you remake your key without a passphrase then it should log your right in.
    Of course, if the mafia or fbi steal your computer then they will be able to log right in also !