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  Building Your Personal Anti-Spam Strategy
Subject:   New Anti-Spam Mail-System
Date:   2002-11-13 14:41:36
From:   anonymous2
A perfect solution for the future against spam would be to introduce a new mail protocol. In this new mail protocol a user would have to pay to send an email (but not for receiving them). The amount of payment for each mail can be quite small (even less than a dollarcent). Because spammers always sent mails in very large quantities they will quickly get into large amounts of money. However almost all standard users only sent a limited amount of mails a year (less than a 1000).

Disadvantage is that all mail programs will have to be updated for using this protocol. And that every user will have to open an account and transfer some money to it. But I would gladly
pay a few dollars to be rid of spam forever!

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  • New Anti-Spam Mail-System
    2002-11-18 11:07:56  jdrake [View]

    This would be very impractical.

    A protocol may be defined, Microsoft would try their magic, anybody else and their brother might try the same thing. With so many different providers like this, nobody would want to integrate it.

    There would be nothing to stop you from setting up this sort of system on yourself. Then where does payment go? It goes no where, because its your server. This in itself is exactly what would make this ineffective.

    A central authority may work, but who will run it? We know how well ICANN and Microsoft have worked as central authorities. ICANN abuses power, and so does Microsoft. Entering another monopoly... charge rates that they want.

    Next, competing email providers... might work, but you still have fraudulant domain providers and this would be no different.

    There must be some other way to make it so that it is not economically feasible for spammers to operate.
    • New Anti-Spam Mail-System
      2004-03-29 02:19:03  agungk [View]

      why don't we consider upgrading the outdated SMTP protocol? instead receiving full message body, the receiving server should send a flag indicating that it will only accept message headers. the sending server should comply to this flag and store the full message locally, waiting for message acnowledgement.

      when the user check his mailbox, he then presented with list of un-white-listed senders that trying to reach him. he has the option to accept, reject, or white-list the new senders. his isp server will then signal the sender servers to proceed sending the full messages. meanwhile it (isp server) will maintain a database of white-listed user/server pair that should be allowed to send message directly in the future.

      - evolutionary, only minimal changes required on the servers and clients - on clients only simple message from their isps with clickable links much like yahoogroups
      - the system will punish the spammer's isp by clogging their system with rejected messages
      - there's no question for spammer with stand-alone spammer robots without SMTP server...they would be cold feeted..