ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   redhat version 8
Date:   2002-11-13 10:56:16
From:   lanegood
When installing redhat in chapter 7, after item, selecting keyboard, I get an error message saying redhad linux cd was not found. I have the cd mounted and captured in the icon second left on the bottom with the red arrow, then released mouse to put in the cd. I had to do that to accomplish steps 1-6. What next?
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  • redhat version 8
    2002-11-13 13:11:49  dicklacara [View]

    Sometimes VPC doesn't recognize the CD.

    Eject the CD (Menu or CD icon popup) then reinsert it -- it should spin up and capture the CD automatically.

    You might need to do this a few time to get the CD recognized properly.

    • redhat version 8
      2002-11-13 14:54:00  lanegood [View]

      Thank you Dick. I tried this dozens of times now, and it just doesn't recognize the CD.
      • redhat version 8
        2002-11-13 17:57:34  dicklacara [View]

        I suggest you start over with the Linux install -- at this point you have not wasted much time.

        First see if you can recognize thd CD in the finder.

        Then, insert the CD and let it spin up and show on the desktop before trying to capture with VPC.

        Then do not eject or insert a new CD unless told to do so by the Linux install.

        Finally, when inserting the second CD, wait a few moments after the disk appears on the desktop, for VPC to fully recognize that it is a valid CD.

        Other than that, get another CD -- the one you have might be defective.

        • redhat version 8
          2002-11-14 08:15:36  lanegood [View]

          I have restarted several times, and I'm using the red hat cd to boot, and booting is successful off of install disk 1. That is the disk that leads my installation up to the point where it asks what type of media contains the packages to be installed.

          I can see the CD in the finder. I can hear it spinning. Is there another CD other than the 3 install disks that I supposed to be using?
          • redhat version 8
            2002-11-14 12:15:59  dicklacara [View]

            Sorry, I am at a loss!

            I used RH 7.2 and that came on 2 CDs.

            I had a few problems with VPC recognizing CDs in this and other installs.

            But I was always able to get around the problems by ejecting and reinserting the CD several times.

            I don'tt know what to suggest other than:

            1) get a hold of RH 7.2 and use it

            2) Install RH 8 & CFMX on a real PC

            It is important to remember that the version of Linux is not really important, except that it must be recognized by the CFMX installer as a supported version -- we aren't going to use the Linux for anything other that a base from which to port the installed CFMX Directories.

            Sorry I can't be of more help!

            • redhat version 8
              2002-11-14 13:43:02  lanegood [View]

              I just found the answer:

              if a CD drive is connected to a third or fourth IDE controller, it absolutely can not be used to install Linux, but with some tweaking the drive can be recognized by Linux after the installation has completed.

              My cdrom is on the third controller. I'm going to temporarly disconnect my second hard drive and put my cdrom on the second IDE.
              • redhat version 8
                2002-11-14 14:55:23  dicklacara [View]

                Let us know how it goes -- post the results!