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Subject:   most under-used app? 'info'
Date:   2002-11-08 20:14:57
From:   anonymous2
Seriously. I never realised how well documented GNU apps are until I got used to using 'info'. I hear there is another app called 'pinfo' (?), this read info documentation but has a differnet interface.
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  • most under-used app? 'info'
    2003-04-26 10:58:12  anonymous2 [View]

    The reason info is so underused is because it's got such a horrid user interface. It badly needs a plain-text dumb-tty mode like VMS Help, and a batch mode like UNIX man. The former would make it a lot more usable over low grade lines and on graphic consoles in single-use mode which are often *not* well designed for screenmode work. The latter would help those of us who want a reference instead of a tutorial.
    • most under-used app? 'info'
      2003-05-30 12:36:00  anonymous2 [View]

      for the latter try:

      info grub | more