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Subject:   what about NDS and ADS
Date:   2002-11-03 07:16:35
From:   vic.h
How does LDAP relate to or integrate with NDS and/or ADS?
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  • what about NDS and ADS
    2003-06-01 23:01:31  anonymous2 [View]

    NetWare 6 uses eDirectory that has its own LDAP componet.

    Just by adding a few extra fields to a users's profile using "Console-1" (ie UID GID, home directory, shell etc) you can use this for authentication.

    It Works quite well - if you can run some form of caching (eg nscd) or a more primitive way - eg a startup script that temporary adds those users to the /etc/passwd file.(else the server takes a hammering!!)

    We use it on our network and I must admit it works WELL!

    I havent tried it with AD but will be doing some tests soon on it.

    For Mandrake 9.1 I've created a GUI tool that eases the setup of the clients.

    This will be released soon (under GPL).