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Weblog:   PPTP VPNs in Jaguar
Subject:   VPN PPTP on FreeBSD
Date:   2002-10-31 09:16:01
From:   anonymous2
Sorry, I'm french!
I want to use my home OSX 10.2 to link machine running FreeBSD in my Office with VPN PPTP in total security.
It seems very simple on OSX but, some people says that PPTP on FreeBSD is not able to use encrytion under virtual network.(like Poptop, because PPP on FreeBSD doesn't support encryption)
Does anyone know of, open source VPN PPTP server for FreeBSD?
thanks in advance for any help.
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  • VPN PPTP on FreeBSD
    2003-05-27 07:50:16  anonymous2 [View]

    You may try MPD on FreeBSD as PPTP Server. It works fine but sometime with unexpected link down.

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