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Subject:   auto white balance
Date:   2002-10-31 08:15:12
From:   anonymous2
I always shoot in RAW mode with the canon S40. This allows me to set the whitebalance and some other things like contrast/saturation/sharpness of the picture while digitally develloping it.

RAW pictures are only slightly larger than the max quality Jpeg, the only hassle is that you have to devellop every picture before being able to (decently) view it. For that I use a batch convertor.

This allows me to get maximum quality and flexibility for the shots that really count!

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  • auto white balance
    2002-12-04 08:46:44  aaaashy [View]

    what do you mean when you say you have to "digitally develop" the picture?

    "batch converting" ?

    i am an analogue photographer, and i can't imagine what these terms apply to

    can anyone shed any light?
    • auto white balance
      2003-11-16 23:20:25  humann [View]

      I believe "digitally develop" is an "anonymous" way to describe the use of specialized software to deal with the usually-proprietary-and-varying-by-brand RAW file format. This software usually comes with the camera or you can buy the Adobe plug-in (or Photoshop CS which includes the plug-in). Any of these softs enable extra control over your images. For me with my Canon S50 this means I can shoot a RAW photo (as opposed to jpeg) and *all* the data that the camera captures is saved. Nothing is deleted for the sake of a smaller (jpeg) file. This RAW file on the S50 is usually about twice the size of the best jpeg setting. Another disadvantage is it takes a bit longer for the S50 to write the data and be ready for the next shot. The "batch converting" reference is to software (Photoshop for example) that allows you to change a number of images with a single command. This means you can click one button and convert all your RAW format photos to a more portable file format. Then you can go back and see which shots could use some RAW tweaking and re-import those.

      I'm thinking how funny this is--I'm a computer geek and this part makes perfect sense to me. What I am trying to learn is your field of expertise--photography, and I'm still daunted by all the parameters and their interrelationships.
      • auto white balance
        2005-05-25 07:16:40  GitRDone [View]
        auto white balance is for people whom don't know any better.But they do make me money fixing there garbage.Thanks to all that use AUTO settings.