Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Localhost works, does not?
Date:   2002-10-29 16:14:21
From:   anonymous2
When I try http://localhost my webpage is displayed. However when I try I get
(111) Connection refused
The same apllies when opening my user webpage:
http://localhost/~username/ works but does not. What gives?


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  • Localhost works, does not?
    2002-11-07 05:26:50  anonymous2 [View]

    Me too, exactly the same thing. Does anybody have any suggestions on this one? Thanks.

  • Localhost works, does not?
    2003-01-28 10:53:40  smoore [View]

    If you use an http proxy then make sure that you've entered in the "bypass proxy settings" edit box at the bottom of the "Proxies" tab in Network Preferences
    • Localhost works, does not?
      2003-01-28 17:16:51  petemay [View]

      How does a proxy server get into the picture here? I thought that requests to the 'loopback' address of didn't ever leave the network card (completely local). How is it that the proxy is causing this? Is this something that the administrator of the proxy can configure to change?
      And since 'localhost' resolves to, why does that address work?

  • Localhost works, does not?
    2003-08-11 22:47:55  anonymous2 [View]

    edit your httpd.conf file. replace all instances of localhost with
    i needed to do this to allow cookies to be set properly and referrer as well for dev purposes. loacalhost will no longer be recongnized but for my purposes i never use localhost anyway.