Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   no luck at all with SSI
Date:   2002-10-23 14:30:30
From:   anonymous2
having a frustrating day. have been through many manuals, tutorials, and now your article to turn on SSI -but it still isn't working for me. is there some kind of gotcha that i'm missing out on.

with only 3 things to change - this shouldn't be that difficult. i set up a virtual host with no problem. any insight?

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  • no luck at all with SSI
    2003-02-20 14:21:46  jkurson [View]

    see if you made the same mistake i did...
    follow the instructions in the article.. search for
    /Library/WebServer/Documents in httpd.conf
    and add the word Includes to the line that begins with "Options" is what the article seemed to say.
    This is wrong.
    a little farther down there is another line that is also
    and a little below that is another line that begins with "Option".
    This line is where "Includes' should be added.