Gentoo Linux Reloaded
Subject:   Almost a good distro
Date:   2002-10-12 05:51:14
From:   anonymous2
Although Daniel's article suggest that if you don't want something (ie gnome) that apps won't have support for it enabled, this is not 100% correct.
I often have to edit the ebuild to get Gentoo *not* to install crap that I don't want.
One example off the top of my head is the mplayer package, it always wants to install the qt libraries, which it doesn't need, and I *don't* want.
I want a clean lean machine, not a whole bunch of libraries I don't need or use.
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  • Almost a good distro
    2002-10-15 13:00:24  anonymous2 [View]

    Have you heard of the USE-Flags in make.conf?
  • Almost a good distro
    2003-07-23 21:36:26  anonymous2 [View]

    Ummm I have mplayer installed, and, lo and behold, no qt. There are three things you can do it use flags, leave something out, put something in with a +, or put something in with a -. Leave it out, and it might install it anyway, put a minus and unless its a real dependency, it will leave it out.

    In make.conf USE="-qt -kde -arts -qtmt..."