Gentoo Linux Reloaded
Subject:   Gentoo rocks!
Date:   2002-10-11 15:47:25
From:   anonymous2
I've been using Gentoo since 1.1a and have converted all of my other Linux boxen to Gentoo. I'm even using it at work for a production server platform with no problems.
It has the best package management and the fastest performance I've seen in any other distro -- and I've tried Suse, Mandrake, Red Hat, Lycoris, TurboLinux, Beehive, Peanut, Corel, Slackware, and Debian.
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  • Boxen
    2003-03-24 11:26:28  mennis [View]

    Boxen is acceptable, look it up.


    /bok'sn/ (By analogy with VAXen) A fanciful plural of box often encountered in the phrase "Unix boxen", used to describe commodity Unix hardware. The connotation is that any two
    Unix boxen are interchangeable.
  • boxen???
    2002-11-19 13:43:43  anonymous2 [View]

    boxen?? Do you mean boxes. Learn to speal foal. :)