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  The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 1
Subject:   Question on selling to both the Mac and Wintel markets
Date:   2002-10-04 09:22:52
From:   tgmclean
Oops! One last question, Sanford:

I noticed you sell both Mac and Wintel versions on your site (something "Scuba" said definitely drives him away).

In your experience, how important is straddling both platforms to one's sales success?

Thanks again,

-- TG

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  • Question on selling to both the Mac and Wintel markets
    2002-10-05 08:18:01  sanford [View]

    In my own experience, I have lots of MacOS users of my software. A lot of MacOS users are required to use Windows at work. It is for these users that I have created Windows versions of my products. I've found the shareware life-cycle does not apply as easily to the Windows world because the Windows community is so huge. A particular title, unless written up by a magazine or other news service, is just one in hundreds released every day. It's very easy for small shareware authors to get lost. I've found that my Windows software has not sold nearly as well as my MacOS offerings... which is quite contrary to many larger titles that were ported from Mac to Windows, like Photoshop. The cost of creating the Windows versions was barely realized by their sales. Creating shareware for Mac and Windows really is a big fish, little fish, big sea, little sea thing.