ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   trouble with Terminal(?)...continued
Date:   2002-09-30 19:03:32
From:   edgedesign
Response to: trouble with Terminal(?) seems I should not be seeing anything when I type a password, but I still cannot get to the root directory. I went forward to the next set of instructions and decompressed CFMX into the cfmx user directory. Everything seems in order in the cfmx user directory, but I cannot get the Shell Script to execute. I get the following:

[Macintosh:~] cfmx% chmod 755 /opt/coldfusionmx/bin/coldfusionosx
chmod: /opt/coldfusionmx/bin/coldfusionosx: No such file or directory

it seems like this code would search for 'coldfusionosx' in the cfmx user directory. Not sure what to do next. Move the 'opt' folder? recompress in the 'root'?

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  • trouble with Terminal(?)...continued
    2002-10-01 03:42:15  dicklacara [View]

    Here's an illustration of a terminal session.

    01 Last login: Tue Oct 1 02:51:16 on ttyp7
    02 Welcome to Darwin!
    03 [TiBook:~] cfmx%
    04 [TiBook:~] cfmx% su root
    05 Password:
    06 [TiBook:/Users/cfmx] cfmx#
    07 [TiBook:/Users/cfmx] cfmx# pwd
    08 /Users/cfmx
    09 [TiBook:/Users/cfmx] cfmx# cd /
    10 [TiBook:/] cfmx# pwd
    11 /
    12 [TiBook:/] cfmx#

    The code above illustrates a Terminal session to Install ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X. I pre-pended line numbers so I could refer to each command.

    • Lines 01 - 03: display when terminal window opened (I hit enter on line 03 to illustrate a prompt line with no cammand enterd after the prompt).
    • Line 04: Enter the su root command to assume the root user identity.
    • Line 05: You will be prompted for a password. Enter the password and hit enter. (Nothing will be displayed when you type after the password prompt).
    • Line 06: The prompt line will change indicating that you are operating under the root user's identity. (I hit enter on line 06 to illustrate a prompt line with no cammand enterd after the prompt).

      • I use Jaguar and the character after the user (cfmx) changes to a #
      • In OS X 10.1, the username changes to root

    • Line 07: Enter pwd (Print Working Directory) to display the current directory path.
    • Line 08: The current directory path is displayed. (Even though we assumed the root user's identity, we remain in the cfmx user's default directory path).
    • Line 09: Enter the cd / command to change to the root directory path.
    • Line 10: Enter pwd to display the new current directory path.
    • Line 11: The current directory path is displayed. (The / indicates we are at the root directory). This is where we will expand the compressed file with gnutar
    • Line 12: I hit enter on line 12 to illustrate a prompt line with no cammand enterd after the prompt.

    You are now properly setup to issue the gnutar command.



  • trouble with Terminal(?)...continued
    2002-10-01 06:32:04  edgedesign [View]

    This is outlined very clearly...thanks.

    My problem seems to be that I cannot gain access to the root (line06). I've tried the cfmx user password, my main user password, any other password I have ever used....nothing. Is there a work-around if the password does not take?
    • trouble with Terminal(?)...continued
      2002-10-01 06:36:50  edgedesign [View]

      ...since I could not gain access to the root, I went forward with instructions and decompressed the files into 'user/cfmx/opt/'

      Can I move this foder to the root? Does it stay here? Do I need to gain access to the root via Terminal and do over?
      • root accessed...trouble launching script
        2002-10-01 10:21:18  edgedesign [View]

        After some research via AppleCare help in Sherlock, I found that root access had not been enabled nor assigned any password (it's disabled by default). I used the NetInfo Manager to enable root access/password and then expanded the 'cfmxinst.bin' file from the root as outlined.

        However, I'm still stuck getting the 'coldfusionosx' script to launch. I pasted the code into BBEdit then saved with Unix line feeds into the 'bin' directory. I keep getting a file not found error:

        [Macintosh:/] cfmx% chmod 755 /opt/coldfusionmx/bin/coldfusionosx
        chmod: /opt/coldfusionmx/bin/coldfusionosx: No such file or directory

        I've triple-checked the directory path, pasted code, file name, etc. Could it have to do with some other file setting? File Creator or Save State?
        • root accessed...trouble launching script
          2002-10-02 03:02:55  dicklacara [View]

          OK, let's try this.

          From a terminal window enter:

          cd /opt/coldfusionmx/bin

          Then enter ls -l

          If you have saved the coldfusionosx file properly, you should see something like:

          -rw-r--r-- 1 cfmx wheel 2284 Oct 2 02:52 coldfusionosx

          The permissions ( -rw-r--r-- ) is what we're about to change.

          Now enter chmod 755 coldfusionosx

          Then enter ls -l

          If you have successfully changed the permissions, you should see something like:

          -rwxr-xr-x 1 cfmx wheel 2284 Oct 2 02:52 coldfusionosx

          Now you should be able to continue with the procedure.

          • root accessed...trouble launching script
            2002-10-02 05:21:56  edgedesign [View]

            I'm getting this after entering 'ls -1'

            [Macintosh:/opt/coldfusionmx/bin] cfmx% ls -1

            The 'coldfusionosx' file is definately in the bin directory. I tried other save options from BBEdit (even TextEdit) to see if it made any difference - always UNIX line feeds, but as 'BBEdit, SimpleText, generic text file, MPW Shell, etc. I double-checked the script.
            • root accessed...trouble launching script
              2002-10-02 09:16:13  dicklacara [View]

              The coldfusionosx file is obviously not in the /opt/coldfusionmx/bin directory -- the ls -l shows the contents of that directory and coldfusionosx isn't among the contents you show.

              Double check that you are saving the BBEdit file to the /opt/coldfusionmx/bin directory -- that is on your Macintosh HD in the folder /opt/coldfusionmx/bin.

              Also, make sure the file name does not start with a period.

              • root accessed...trouble launching script
                2002-10-02 11:01:18  edgedesign [View]

                Somewhere along the way CF was installed into the CFMX user directory which was causing my confusion. This is the one I could see in the Finder and the one where I was saving the 'coldfusionosx' file.

                I understand now that we're looking for CF in the root directory and this is where I should save the 'coldfusionosx' file. It seems that CF did install into the root, but is invisible in the Finder. I can see it 's there with Terminal, but I cannot save to the bin from my text editor. I deleted CF from the CFMX user directory and went back a few steps and expanded the file again using 'gnutar'. I still cannot view the directory from the Finder, but it is there. I noticed this in Terminal after the long list of expanded files:

                /usr/bin/gnutar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

                • root accessed...trouble launching script
                  2002-10-02 13:14:08  dicklacara [View]

                  Ahh, you must be using Jaguar.

                  This was reported in a prior post & a resolution was also posted.'

                  For some reason, Jaguar wants /opt to be invisible.

                  Here's how to make it visible (from the previous post).

                  Upgrading to Jaguar causes the /opt folder to be invisible to the Finder -- It is still intact, you just can't see it from the desktop.

                  To make it visible again, do the following:

                  Open a Terminal window.

                  Assume the root ID by entering:

                  su root

                  Enter your (Mac OS X) Administrative password when asked

                  Change to the root file level:

                  cd /

                  Edit the .hidden file with pico by entering (note the dot before the file name):

                  pico .hidden

                  with the arrows, navigate down and delete the line containing:


                  save the updated file by entering:


                  followed by:


                  Exit pico by entering:


                  Reassume the cfmx user ID by entering:

                  su cfmx

                  From the Apple menu select Force Quit... (or press Command+Option+Escape).

                  Select the Finder and click Relaunch

                  When the finder is relaunched, you should see the opt folder on Macintosh HD, just as it was before installing Jaguar.

                  • root accessed...trouble launching script
                    2002-10-03 04:15:22  edgedesign [View]

                    FINALLY!...Everything worked perfectly.

                    The visible CF files that I somehow installed into the CFMX directory really threw me off for a while.

                    Lessons learned:

                    1) 'root' control/password may need to be enabled by some people before expanding the 'cfmxinst.bin' file (installing CFMX into OS X). I found instructions via Sherlock >> Apple Care.

                    2) Jaguar users will need to make the 'opt' file visible in order to save the 'coldfusionosx' script file to the 'bin' directory.

                    3) Terminal does not display any characters (bullets, asterics, etc.) as you type in passwords.

                    Dick, thanks so much for sticking with me and all of your help.
                    • root accessed...trouble launching script
                      2002-10-03 04:30:55  dicklacara [View]

                      Welcome to the growing number of Mac CFMX developers.

                      We both learned a bit more that we originally planned!