The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 1
Subject:   Sales Data
Date:   2002-09-30 17:58:14
From:   jasontm
Just curious, where did you get your data concerning sales numbers? I've always wondered what would be reasonable to expect, but i've never found anything concrete to look at. Have you culled this data from multiple sources or just your own expertience?

You also might want to mention that this shareware idea doesn't have to be unique. There is plenty of room to improve on existing commercial software.

Looking forward to next week.

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  • Sales Data
    2002-10-01 07:20:21  sanford [View]

    Hi Jason,
    The data was collected from both personal experience and from hundreds of conversations over the years with fellow shareware authors. Of course, sales figures are completely dependent on the product and its market. While many shareware titles will sell moderately well, some may never sell at all.
    There isn't very much hard data out there. I think the best place to get this data would be from the payment processing services, and, well, they've got some pretty good reasons not to share it. (Confidentiality and Competition come to mind.)
    And you're absolutely right! There's no rule that says that your idea has to be unique. Lots of shareware titles have competition.
    Thanks for the feedback!