Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   procmail configuration
Date:   2002-09-27 14:27:30
From:   anonymous2
(I hope this gets put into the right thread, as responding to a post doesn't seem obvious in this forum!)

Thanks for the response patrick_s, but NO, it doesn't seem to help my situation. Mail to my local domain is being put into the mail queue directory, and the sendmail log has status of "queued" for the mail that was received.

I'll check my aliases file to make sure my email addresses are pointing to my user accounts appropriately though.

Isn't the file created by m4 (using the source outlined in these articles) specifying an Mlocal directive with the procmail program? If so, is procmail defaulting to just throwing mail into the users' home directory, rather then the Imap subdirectory that these articles are recommending?

Kevin Coble

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  • procmail configuration - solved
    2002-09-27 17:10:27  macrobotics [View]

    OK, the problem appears to be with the lack of an aliases.db file. Even though an alias was not needed, as I was mailing to the direct account name, the fact that I had not set up an alias file and compiled it into the aliases.db file (as referenced by the file), caused all local mail to be queued.

    Outgoing mail still went fine though.

    As a side question then, where does sendmail (or procmail, if it is really being used as the local delivery agent) actually store the local mail files for a particular user? Can this be configured without a .procmailrc file? And which is better for a small system, a .procmailrc in each account, or a global one?

    Thanks up front, for any advice;

    Kevin Coble
  • procmail configuration
    2002-09-27 15:13:21  patrick_s [View]


    I guess I don't know the answer to your question. All I know is that I followed the 'Setting up a Site Server' and the 'Configuring Sendmail on Jaguar' exactly. Then I added the other accounts to my system and configured to use the local mail server.

    Stupid Question: Did you download and build IMAPd as described in 'Setting up a Site Server'?

    Sorry I couldn't help.
    • procmail configuration
      2002-09-27 16:39:44  macrobotics [View]

      Yes, I have the IMAPd installed as specified. doesn't complain about the connection, it just doesn't find any mail the Imap directory under my user account. All local mail (including a nice buildup of "Unable to send for 4 hours" messages) is in the /var/spool/mqueue directory, with a "To" line exactly equal to my short login name.