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Subject:   Adobe Swtiching Policy
Date:   2002-09-25 14:30:55
From:   anonymous2
When I called Adobe they said that I could move platforms, all they would do is expire my old serial numbers and then give me new serial numbers for the Mac versions and send me the applications (although I would have to pay for shipping).

Unfortunately as far as I can tell Macromedia will not do the same.

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  • Terrie Miller photo Adobe Swtiching Policy
    2002-09-27 08:05:47  Terrie Miller | [View]

    Wow, really? That's got to be really helpful information for a lot of people; the Adobe web site just says "To install upgrade successfully, you will need a serial number and a previous version of this product on the same platform as this purchase." -- it would never occur to me to call them and ask for a different serial number!

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 is worth a mention also -- at $99 it might be a good solution for folks who need a bit more power but not the full-blown Photoshop. I've been hearing good things about it.

    Thanks for your post!