Blogging for Dollars: Giving Rise to the Professional Blogger
Subject:   The point is who to hire
Date:   2002-09-24 20:32:56
From:   anonymous2
nprene wrote "I don't see the point of this article." The point of the article, of course, was that companies should hire experienced bloggers to maintain blogs, and not dump blogging onto someone who already has a full-time job's worth of responsibilties. Considering that Mz. Hourihan repeats this point twice, I'm suprised people still had trouble getting it.

nprene also seemed to make that the point that if blogging was profitable then companies would fund it. This strikes me as an innocent argument. Anyone who's spent much time in the business world knows how untrue it is. Getting the business community to try something new requires many elements operating in concert: there needs to be many conversations among business peers, many magazine articles, like this one, many conferences and studies, and then a few brave souls who test the water and prove its viable. This article is just one small part of the larger process.

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  • The point is who to hire~and where to hire them
    2006-08-28 20:01:29  brettbum [View]

    Several models are popping up to address these issues.

    This year sites like, and offer up a business model where advertisers can pay for a specific article.

    Elsewhere many Professional job boards and exchanges are popping up with corporations looking for bloggers and bloggers offering their services.

    The exchange at is not only a place where this marketplace is being created but also where the discussion of how to better build this industry continues to be discussed and built.
    Brett Bumeter
    Softduit Partners