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Book:   Baseball Hacks
Subject:   Adler jacks SABRmetrics!
Date:   2009-02-11 10:57:17
From:   cactusmitch
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"Moneyball," perhaps the greatest of all sports books, showed us the utility, nay the necessity of “SABRmetric” thinking. Michael Lewis' showed how smarts makes for competitiveness even in unfair pursuits.

In "Baseball Hacks," Joseph Adler shows how to get those "smarts."

With "Baseball Hacks" any contender has a shot at becoming a champion. Any industrious kid now has access to the information, and tools to play smart. Think of "Baseball Hacks" as legal intellectual steroids!

Now, (mid Feb. 2009,) anybody with some free time should get and read this book. Use the knowledge to work on the "stuff that matters" much more efficiently.

The "hacks," is just a hip word for creative, analytical techniques. See Stewart Brand's definition in "Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death among the Computer Bums" for a pre criminalized definition of "Hacker."

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  • Adler jacks SABRmetrics!,  February 20 2009
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    Submitted by cactusmitch   [Respond | View]

    I forgot to mention that the sub-title "Tips and tools for analyzing and winning with statistics," is applicable to most any topic that has lots of measurements.

    Stuff that matters like the financial crisis, health care, school policy....