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Book:   Perl Hacks
Subject:   For all levels of experience
Date:   2008-12-18 13:01:44
From:   Edmonton Linux Users Group
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This is another in the popular O'Reilly "Hacks" series. Hacks are
divided into nine categories averaging 11 hacks each, and include
productivity, data munging, user interface, modules and objects, debugging
and developing, and on becoming a Perl guru.

Each hack has an easy to follow format: introduction; "The Hack;"
"Running the Hack;" and "Hacking the Hack." Each section builds on the
earlier ones.

I like that the hacks cover a wide variety of topics, and that it
is easy to find something useful just by browsing the table of contents. I
was immediately able to find several hacks that I could use right away,
and several more that I could bookmark for later review. I note that many
hacks were beyond me, but that's to be expected given that Perl is so
extensive, and my Perl programming is limited and very targeted.

Nevertheless, this book is really only a starting point for many
of the things that you can do with Perl, and is quite readable. I think
there is something here for all levels of Perl programming experience. (