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Book:   PayPal Hacks
Subject:   Love the book..BUT....AND the website here has apparently dead links..
Date:   2008-05-08 09:29:55
From:   Dan Hess
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

Great stuff in the book and if I was an ASP guru, I would be on easy street. As a entry level (self taught) PERL monger, I'm frustrated. My pulse went up and I got excited at the More on the examples link when you talked about auctioning off hacks on ebay for initial inclusion at the website. The ebay link is currently DEAD. The www.paypalhacks url is also a dead link. (By the way, the actual "examples" link seemed not to be working also on this visit to the page). So anyways, as Arnie said best in one of his movies: I'll Be Back ! (looking for some PERL examples of hacks, especially ALL OF THEM in the PDT/IPN section of hacks !!

Great Book...just looking for the addendum or supplement that comes in: "my flavor".

- Dan