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Book:   Knoppix Hacks
Subject:   Are you unable to boot your Knoppix DVD using a Dell Vostro?
Date:   2008-03-20 04:25:03
From:   Dell Vostro's
Dell Vostro's that ship with "Phoenix - AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility" may not be able to boot the Knoppix DVD included with this book. To boot your Knoppix DVD you may have to change a setting in the Setup Utility.

Your default BIOS will most likely be:
- Integrated Peripherals
--> SATA Mode [IDE]

Change your BIOS to:
- Integrated Peripherals
--> SATA Mode [RAID]

Save your changes and reboot. The Knoppix DVD should work.

WARNING: If you make this change to your BIOS you will not be able to boot into Windows XP/Vista until you change the setting back.