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Book:   Flash Hacks
Subject:   Not too detailed, but good!
Date:   2008-02-29 08:13:08
From:   Laurita
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

The book has a lot of interesting tricks, some of them are very easy and others have a lot of complex and advanced actionScript. It's very balanced in this way.

It is very detailed when it comes to follow the steps operating the program features, It seems to be explained for newbies. And this fact leads to a great contradiction, even though It explains every step of the "practical" way (for example, "To import an image go to Archive> import> import to Library" ), It never explains the codes in this way. You have a complex actionScript line and the book only tells you what it does, but It never teaches you how to use It, how to construct it, what the actionScript elements are for, etc etc etc.

If you want to think over the code to learn how to write and create your own material you need another book because It won't teach you how to understand actionScript. Maybe that's not the purpouse of this book, but I found annoying that It explains the short cuts that are easy to find anywere and It doesn't do the same with the coding part, and I think that's a big shame. I don't know what you want to achieve, but I don't want to copy/paste another people's code that when nothing works you can't fix cause you don't really understand half of it, I need to know about sintaxis, about what setInterval (); is used for and why it's being used in the example in particularly. If you don't want that, buy It because the book is good.