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Book:   Astronomy Hacks
Subject:   Quite a nice book for newcomers as for advanced observers
Date:   2008-02-15 13:08:50
From:   André Cajolais
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

I'm an amateur astronomer for 20 years plus and I must say that I learned a lot from Astronomy Hacks. The Thompson are passionate and experienced observers, that's obvious and very nice writers. This book is fun to read, informative for the newcomer, and thoughtful for
the more advanced observer.

Beginners will find informative tips and tricks about observing etiquette, they'll learn to recognize the constellations, how to star hop, even get tips on choosing the best star atlas for them. And of course, they'll get many useful observing tips.

The more advanced observer will find interesting hacks on how to improve the performance and accuracy of their scope, how to plan a rewarding observing session, and selecting equipment.

I particularly enjoy thoses hacks on the software you can use to help you get the most of your observing time, on selecting the best eyepieces for your equipment, observing strategies, and nice information on the famous Messier marathon.

All in all, 65 chapters packed with hacks that will be usefull to any amateur from beginning to advanced astronomer. Give it a look, you'll be surprised. A useful book and a very nice addition to you astronomy