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Book:   Linux Server Hacks
Subject:   A must have for both new and seasoned admins
Date:   2008-02-02 07:47:19
From:   Sankarshan
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

This book is a must have. For both new administrators and the seasoned ones who need "that little bit of information". If I were asked to state one good thing about this book it would be the fact that the contents are arranged by someone who knows what server administration is about. This is not just pure theory of server side services or strictly focus on administration. The book manages to ensure that the objective is to turn out an excellent server administration and a far better administrator (than before reading this book). Schools, colleges and university libraries should be stocking this and employers better start gifting this book to their IT staff.

By managing to appeal both to the infrequent administrator and the professional, this books is something that most readers would be just happy to have around.