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Book:   Palm and Treo Hacks
Subject:   Entertaining book with practical uses
Date:   2007-11-13 12:13:53
From:   jdruin
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This book is a part of the "hack" series so topics are covered in small chapters, with one hack per chapter. The hacks are grouped by general topic such as information, games, multimedia, treo specific, communications, hardware, and the operating system (Palm OS). All of the hacks covered come with detailed step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and references. The book is an easy read as is the entire hack series. Most of the "hacks" are not really hacks in the hacker sense but more like cleaver ways to take full advantage of either the palm hardware/phone or the palm operating system. Some of the more useful hacks demonstrated how to watch video, replace the battery, adjusting all the settings available, and using the treo platform as a modem. Many of the hacks are focused on having fun. There is one section dedicated to the treo line of smartphones themselves. I tried the hacks on a Palm TX running Palm OS with built in wifi. Each that I tried worked. I did not attempt the ones meant strictly for entertainment such as the games but focused on the more practical areas. The most useful (imo) dealt with multimedia as the TX and Treo both hold large expansion cards so using them as both organizers and MP3 palyers makes sense. The book explained these areas in some detail which was quite helpful. If you want to get more out of your Palm device or have some fun with them, give this book a try. It is an easy read and well-organized.