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Book:   Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two
Subject:   Linux Server Hacks, Volume 2 it's a great book
Date:   2007-09-04 16:16:44
From:   Juan Marcelo Rodríguez
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

This books it's great. All the hacks explained are useful for each
administrator and the selection it's amazing, specially because it
talks about all the topics including very specific items like network
monitoring and backups explaining in detail ( which it's great because
each hack fills less than ten pages ) all the sides and letting from
the administrator other details that can easily be solved reading
another book or Internet.

I thought the most useful Hacks for me were Nagios, Backup system,
system recoveries, and remote graphical systems. I liked all the
others specially some bash scripting examples for integrations among
servers and communication systems like Jabber. I have no critics for
the book. The work the editors made here it's amazing because the
selection of the hacks, and the authors shown here their greatest

I think LINUX SERVER HACKS Volume Two is a must-have for every system
administrator. The reading of the book it's quite easy and fun, and
useful in every hack I've seen.