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Book:   Ajax Hacks
Subject:   Need Help from Author
Date:   2007-08-22 05:43:16
From:   Anonymous Reader
Response to: Need Help from Author

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"Secondly, there is no where to go for help with the examples that are not running as expected. It will be great if we got all the examples running in the parkerriver website."

Think twice before you are TOO HAPPY when you see this book

I think the direction is CORRECT, giving us lots of HACKS (those just mean AJAX techniques)

but unlike other book --

CAN THEY JUST MAKE THOSE PROGRAM WORK esp with HTTPrequest to the server
the DEMO sample run GREAT, then we try it on our own PC server, then it WOULD NOT work 100%

e.g. chapter 3 first example
I could not pass my given email address for validation to the server in the web site, i.e. 90% of the program run as the demo, but the last bit is the hurdle

I got this message -- that is from HTTP_request.js

"The application cannot contact "+
"the server at the moment. "+
"Please try again in a few seconds.\n"+
"Error detail: "+errv.message);

and I C O U L D N O T figure out why it gives this message when I run it myself

hope that the author will participate in SOME FORUM and discuss his examples

if you know a forum -- please register here and tell us !! the URL