Subject:   Project Managers are Not the Enemy
Date:   2007-08-09 08:05:35
From:   Anonymous Reader
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Although we know all projects need management of some sort, this PDF really drives home the sentiment starting with its first line "Like it or not, your project needs management." The authors describe well defined tips to a group of programmers that are involved in high-visibility projects, focusing on understanding these guidelines.

  • Why do Project Fail?
  • Set Expectations Early and Keep Them Up to Date.
  • Make an Informed Selection of a Software Process.
  • Keep Your Manager Involved with the Project.
  • Make Intelligent Course Corrections.
  • Alter Your Tactics, but Stay True to Your Strategy

Initially, I thought the authors were kinda picking on Project Managers, blaming them for the failure of the majority of projects. But as you read on the authors do a nice job guiding programmers in how they can help their project managers, and in result, the projects succeed. A couple of tips I particularly liked were 1) Spotting problems early and 2) Understanding the vision of the project. The authors really encourage communication and recommend weekly meetings even if the project is behind and time is of essence. They also describe and explain the benefits of adopting an Agile software process and identifying when to go that route.

All in all there are some great tips and good advice on how to create a cohesive team between Programmers and Project Managers. And there are links that give supplementary info such as Perhaps after reading this article the Project Manager won't be viewed as the enemy.