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Book:   Web Site Measurement Hacks
Subject:   Disappointed that Example Code is Not Available for this Book
Date:   2007-06-15 16:26:24
From:   bhoff
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

No example code is available on Mr. Peterson’s web site or O’reilly’s site for this book.

Going to the author's web site, where the book indicates the example code should be located: , I see this comment: “We're in the process of cleaning up the code referenced throughout the book and hope to have it available via this page very soon. "If you need the code right away, please feel free to email the book's author, citing the code and/or hack that you'd like.” I have emailed the author, with no response.

O’reilly books are known for good example code, however, I have recently experienced these same issues with other O’reilly books (“Essential PHP Security” by Chris Shiflett for example) . The example code is not available on the O’reilly site and the authors either don’t make the code available, as advertised in the books, or intentionally only allow readers to down load individual examples rather than a single zip file.

I am a bit confused as to why a publishing company with such a good reputation would state (page 4 of Web Site Measurement Hacks): “All of the files and code necessary to run the application described throughout the book are available at and are freely available as open source code”, if there is no intention of actually making the code available to the purchaser of the book.

I am very discouraged by this situation. I will think long and hard the next time I am presented with the decision to purchase another O’reilly book with associated example code.