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Book:   Ubuntu Hacks
Subject:   Ubuntu hacks = Linux hacks
Date:   2007-04-08 22:07:49
From:   deserthowler
Rating:  StarStarStarStarStar

A few months ago I wrote a detailed review of Ubuntu Hacks for the Tucson Computer Society. At this time, I thought there were several interesting tips and I rated the potential use of this book very highly. The tips I tried well written and worked ... a good combination!!

Since this time, I switched from Kubuntu to Ubuntu. I also began using Debian Etch seriously. I find the book very useful for both Ubuntu and Debian.

Most hacks applied to Linux in general so, besides becoming a Ubuntu reference, it is a general Linux reference. One thing I find helpful is the author's use and explanation of apt-get and the fact that, besides showing the command, he shows the on-screen results of the command.

From installation through downloading and installing packages from source through adding repositories, everything I've tried works. There isn't much more I can say about the book than that.

I like the author's style very much.