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Book:   Network Security Hacks
Subject:   Network Security Hacks 2nd edition
Date:   2007-04-08 21:21:33
From:   Frederick J Eccher Jr
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Title: Network Security Hacks
Subtitle: Tips & Tools for Protecting Your Privacy
Second Edition: October 2006
Series: Hacks
ISBN 10: 0-596-52763-2
ISBN 13: 9780596527631
Pages: 478
By Andrew Lockhart

The book starts with credits, then a preface before 12 chapters and an index. There were 14 contributors including the author according to the credits. The preface states there are 123 hacks in this edition. There were no errors that I found except for one minor one in the preface. Look at the thermometers that indicate the complexity of the hack on page xix. Does it look like the beginner and moderate icons are the same? No big deal, they are different in the text next to the actual hacks.

I do not worry too much about errors until they make me feel like the author[s] may not really be expert in the area they are writing about but all these hacks look good to me.

The book is balanced and starts with two chapters about Unix Host Security and Windows Host Security. They are both extremely well written and have very useful hacks.

This book is light reading. I read it in three days, just a couple of hours a day. The style is light and easy to enjoy. The flow of the style makes it hard to believe that multiple authors are involved in the writing. It seems like one person wrote it.

I liked the following chapters quite a bit:
Chapter 6 Network Security
Chapter 7 Wireless Security

The best chapters were hard to determine, all the chapters were excellent. Here are three that I thought were best:

Chapter 9 Monitoring and Trending
Chapter 11 Network Intrusion Detection
Chapter 12 Recovery and Response

Chapters 11 and 12 were the very best in the book, depending on whether you were more interested in detecting intruders or responding to them.

This book is worth 5 stars and every penny charged for it, taking everything into account. This book will pay for itself over and over. The first time I realized that the book would pay for itself right away was

40. Use the web with fewer passwords: Pwdhash and Remote PwdHash
41. Encrypt your email with Thunderbird

I also liked the sources of the hacks: Stanford and Harvard were cited. I thought this was good work academically and both security centers are heavy hitters with lots of quality talent writing software.

Well done.


Frederick J Eccher Jr
M.S. Management of Information Systems
A.B. Psychology
B.A. Biology
CIO, Community Partners
President, Board of Directors, Saint Louis Visual Basic Users Group